Inventory and Warehouse Management.

topShelf is a cloud-based inventory management software that uses your Smartphone, Tablet, or Mobile Barcode Scanner and seamlessly integrates with your current software applications.


topShelf extends inventory management to the warehouse using mobile devices.


  • Receive, Pick, Pack and Ship using any smartphone or mobile device.
  • Updates product quantities in real time.
  • Validates and Verifies receiving, picking, packing, and shipping transactions.
  • Manage Multiple warehouse locations, bins, sku numbers, and assets.
  • Print detailed product and bin barcodes.
  • Manage any volume of orders efficiently using workflows and triggers.
  • Detailed reporting functions including lot recall, asset summaries, and cycle counts.

Barcode Scanning

topShelf offers a unique and flexible barcode inventory system that works with your smartphone, tablet, or mobile barcode scanner. Pick Pack and Ship all of your orders using the built in barcode system with topShelf.

Need to print barcodes for products, bins, and locations? No problem as our built in barcode generator prints barcodes to any Zebra barcode printer.

Ecommerce Inventory Management

Streamline your e-Commerce solution with complete warehouse management.

topShelf seamlessly integrates with you existing e-commerce solution:

  • Move orders from your solution to topShelf to be picked, packed, and shipped using any smartphone or barcode scanner.
  • Updates inventory quantities available for sale in real time.
  • Print barcode skus and pick lists.
  • Manage kits and product bundles.

Smartphone Inventory Management

topShelf works on any Android, iPhone, or Windows CE device. Let our truly mobile interface manage all facets of your warehouse:

  • Download interface from Google Play or iTunes
  • Scan barcodes to receive, pick, pack, or ship orders
  • Print barcodes for parts, bins, or assets to any Zebra ethernet printer
  • Cycle Count valuable inventory
  • Manage day to day operations

Inventory management for small businesses

topShelf gives small business owners an on-the- go inventory management system that offers excellent accuracy and mobility. topShelf offers flexible, scalable way to manage inventory.


  • Grow your revenues.
  • Expand your business.
  • Add products.
  • Validate orders
  • Manage inventory levels automatically
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