topShelf is a complete turn key warehouse and inventory application that works by using your web browser or mobile phone.  Add our Accounting, CRM, e-Commerce, or 3Pl platform as your business grows, or use topShelf standalone for everyday warehouse functions.


Receiving And Purchasing

topShelf Receiving and Purchasing always ensures that product is received accurately and efficiently

  • Verifies and Validates quantities received and catch any discrepancies using topShelf Mobile
  • Generate barcode labels for product received if needed
  • Manage Purchase orders issued to Vendors

topShelf Mobile directs warehouse personnel to pick products from the most efficient location

  • Verifies and Validates order pick via topShelf Mobile
  • Create digital picklists and tasks
  • Creates most efficient pick path within warehouse

topShelf integrates with many “off the shelf” shipping applications:

  • Automatically updates shipping applications with order; ready to ship
  • Proof of delivery options using topShelf mobile on any smartphone or scanner
  • Passes tracking number and information back to marketplace or integrated application
Barcode Printing

topShelf mobile prints on demand barcodes anytime/anywhere

  • Create barcodes from any product description or ID.
  • Print barcodes for product/bin/or asset using built in label templates
  • Uses any ethernet enabled Zebra barcode printer

Create kits using Kit Build or Bill of Materials

  • Roll up multiple items into single product
  • Create items using static or dynamic bill of materials
  • Create kit requests based on orders or pick multiple products to fulfill kit
Serial Number/Lot Control

Track and capture all asset based products.

  • Expiration Dates/LIFO/FIFO
  • Verfiy and Validate what products are picked for orders, ensuring history.
  • Lot Recall Tracking
Reorder Points/Replenishment

topShelf Reorder Management and Replenishment ensures adequate stock for all orders.

  • Set min/max quantities: always ensuring adequate stock
  • Creates live up-to-date requests to replenish stock via topShelf Mobile.
  • Automatically creates Receiving or Purchase Order Transactions based on reorder points
Cycle Counting

Manage product turns more efficiently

  • automatically create cycle counts
  • Track by bin or product level
  • Records user interaction
Produce Health Monitor

topShelf manages product health to prevent mis-ships and product recall

  • Quarantine bin locations and lock users from picking certain products
  • Hold products based on characteristics.
  • Scrap or remove bad products.
Fulfillment by Amazon

topShelf tracks FBA

  • View Inventory levels within topShelf
  • Instant visibility on product activity
  • Create tasks based on inventory levels
Tag Management

topShelf tags products, bins, and all tasks

  • Create tags around product attributes(freshness, active, inactive)
  • Filter orders and bins
  • Easy set up
Customized Reports

topShelf provides real time reports giving you instant visibility on all facets of your business.

  • View critical reports like inventory levels, shipping, order status
  • Create customized reports that work like you do.
  • Viewable from any smartphone or tablet
Work Order Management

topShelf Work Order Management creates fast efficient task and bill of materials needed for finished products

  • Create customized bill of materials and tasks for finished goods
  • Build kits with work orders and assign tasks
  • Track build status
Import/Export Data

SNAP import/Export tool provides Real-Time integration between existing applications and topShelf

  • Import/Export CSV files automatically
  • SOAP API for advanced integration
  • REST API for advanced integration
User Preferences

topShelf User Preferences enables you to control access, creating efficient task management

  • Define user roles for specific tasks like wave picking, receiving, order pick
  • Date and time stamp user interactions
  • Real time visibility of user productivity


 topShelf manages all of your accounting needs.  Purchase Orders, Invoicing, Bank Reconciliation, GL, Pricing.  It’s all there and works with inventory.

3PL Features

Give your customers the tools to manage their inventory: receiving, shipping requests, price book, billing, and 3rd Party Access.

Online Marketplace

topShelf integrates seamlessly with many of the leading e-Commerce solutions today, giving you complete control of your online orders.  Also, use our merchant services to accept online payments.

Multi Warehouse Support

topShelf connects all of your locations, providing global visibility to all your inventory functions.

Seamless Multichannel Integration

topShelf quickly and seamlessly integrates with your current software.

Connect any of your current applications like accounting, CRM, or e-Commerce easily through our direct integrations.

Product Accuracy

topShelf delivers unparalleled product accuracy through our validation process.

  • Verifies receiving, pick, pack functions
  • Validates receiving, pick, pack functions
  • Won’t let users take the wrong thing
  • Prevents mis-ships

Global Inventory Management

Wherever you are in the world, topShelf is there. topShelf is your one-stop inventory management solution.

  • Access from any mobile device or web browser
  • Manage multi-warehouse, multi-locations all at once
  • Real-time updates
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